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The is so large and diverse that restrictions on fencing are determined by your cummunity and the planning commision. Most areas are free to build wood or aluminum fences. There can be some restrictions when it comes to vinyl or pvc fences, but again it just depends on where you are in the city. Another question when dealing with an Orlando address is whether you are actually within the city limits or if you are in Unicorporated Orange County. Orange County is much easier and has no real restriction other than height.

Obtaining permits from the Orlando Building Department can be disconcerting. While they usually issue permits at the counter, it can take an hour or more with wait time and all the information and approvals the permit tech must obtain. As I said above, Orlando is big and diverse and each part of town has its own planning office that must sign off on the permit before it can be issued. The city also requires an HOA approval letter with the application packet. A survey is required for the permit and any project over $2500.00 must include a Notice of Commencement. Luckily, we handle all this for you as part of our standard service.

You can contact the Orlando Building Department at 407-246-2271.

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